About RKF

RKF has been in the Industrial brushware business for more than 35 years. Our managing director is a qualified engineer with vast experience.  RKF specialises in the manufacturing of new brushes and the re bristeling of any industrial brush. We also specialise in the refurbishment of bearing blocks.

We are experienced in all types of material such as silicon carbide, aluminium oxide, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, natural materials, such as white Mexican fiber, bassine, all types of animal hair, all nylons from 0.12 up to & including 3mm.

We manufacture to client's specifications and our technical department, supervised by our managing director, is always on hand to assist  and guide customers where necessary.  We also have highly trained fitters & turners, machine operators and quality control personnel. Our sales staff are all innovative with vast technical knowledge in our various fields.

Our M.D. Together with our technical department has come up with innovative brush designs for specific fields, such as the Autoskimmer - a swimming pool cleaning brush, the Equestrian brush - designed for horses / animals and the Kennel grooming & weather guard brush - for every animal lover designed to improve the home of your best friend.

All the products of RKF comply with ISO 9002 standard certification. Products adhere to acceptable international quality standard

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